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Urban Decay "NAKED HEAT"

Urban Decay's eye shadow palletes always invade the beauty market like a fire through the jungle, and we all get wrapped up in their glamour. The new Urban Decay "Naked Heat" is a extravaganza, and for $54, it's definitely worth your money. It introduces a new range of 12 iconic eye shadows, which are basically a mixture of warm-toned shades with lots of reddish and orange blended colours. You get to enjoy both, matte and shimmer.

The palette may not be utter perfection, but it is a definite must-have since most of the shades eliminate the use of a primer. The shimmer shades are much drier than most of Urban Decay’s shimmer eye shadows, but the mattes are nicely pigmented and very easy to blend. You may find that this palette does not allow the same creamy consistency as most of matte shadows by this brand, but the texture is flawless due to high pigmentation. It’s a worthwhile and trendy innovation after the Naked Smoky palette. You may experience the need for stronger shimmer and brighter colours to create a rich contrast, and the browns are almost the same, which causes them to get lost while blending.

This palette has a very warm and sultry look, ideal for smoky eyes with blended brown-reds and orange-brown hues. The shades are very wearable and easy to blend, and you’ll find this palette a better pick than Anastasia Modern Renaissance or even Viseart Warm Mattes. Now, let’s take a look at all the colours this palette has to offer: Ounce A very subtle gold-beige colour with a soft shimmer and warm undertones. This dusty textured soft colour is very easy to blend.

Chaser A gorgeous light brown with a sleek matte finish and peach undertones. It has a very smooth consistency, and you can flaunt it for more than seven hours.

Sauced A warm orange-brown with a heavy matte finish and a smooth texture that won’t fade away for at least 8 hours.

Low Blow A warm light brown with a matte finish, amazing pigmentation and orange undertones, which is ideal for bare skin.

Lumbre A warm coral red colour with an intense smoothness and glossy sheen.

He Devil A dark reddish brown with a flawless matte finish and warm undertones with intense pigmentation.

Dirty Talk A dark copper brown with orange undertones and a pearly sheen.

Scorched A dark brown colour with warm red undertones and a metallic sparkle with a subtly dry texture.

Cayenne A matted dark brown with a semi-opaque pigmentation and a firm texture.

Ashes A gorgeous purple-plum with brown undertones and a sleek matte finish.

Ember A lustrous bronze colour with warm olive undertones and a highly pigmented yet amazingly creamy texture that is very easy to blend. Nearly all the shades are very creamy and pigmented, and even the shimmery shades have a glorious pearly sheen that won’t fade for at least eight hours. If you adore experimenting with reddish-brown and orange-brown smoky eye shadows, this is the perfect pick for you!

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