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The Perfect Little Black Dress

Everyone needs a little black dress. Right??? That’s what I’ve heard for years.

When I saw this cute little black dress, hanging in the store of ZARA

I wanted to own it right away. Yup I'm a typical woman..very possessive :)

The Little Black Dress has a lot of history, dating back to the early 1900’s when black was most often worn for mourning. After World War I, it was being worn so often it no longer was so unusual to see, and in 1926 Coco Chanel published her little black dress design in American Vogue, effectively making it an iconic and versatile addition to every woman’s wardrobe. It was about time to get a new one.

It always feels amazing to build pieces like this into my wardrobe that I know will last through lots of years and seasons, because they are timeless and classic. These types of clothing items are perfect for me.