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My Favorite Beauty Tool

One of the most asked questions on Instagram is, “Does this thing really work?” The answer to that One question is always YES!!! The products I show do really work! (You’d think this would be obvious since I spend precious hours using them but I get it, we all get curious) I love trying new things and I love taking care of my skin so beauty tools were the obvious next trend I saw myself falling into.

The light therapy is famous in the beauty industry for resolving various skin problems. People had to pay hundreds of dollars per session to get these treatments from the best dermatologists, Medi-Spas or Skin Care Saloon.

The Neutrogena Anti Acne Light Therapy Mask is a revolutionary device in the skin care industry which is free from harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances or oil. The light therapy mask is a perfect solution for the acne problem because the common anti-acne masks and creams available in stores contain many such ingredients and chemicals which sometimes can make the matter worse instead of preventing the acne. The Neutrogena anti-acne light therapy mask is actually free from UV light, chemicals, and other such ingredients. It’s created from clinically proven technology to kill the harmful acne causing bacteria while allowing the skin to heal itself.

Unlike many other light treatment sessions, you won’t have to wait for expensive appointments and waste a large part of your precious time in the dermatologist’s office, all you need to do is "Put on this Hannibal Lecter-style mask over your face", in the comfort of your home, at your own leisure time. The anti-acne light therapy mask emits the fluoro pink light which is a careful combo of red light, working to reduce inflammation, and blue light, reducing the bacteria on the skin’s surface. The device actually cures both the acne and breakouts at the same time, according to Rebecca Bennett, the skin care expert from Johnson & Johnson, ‘This device is designed to be used every day’ for not just the treatment of the acne but the prevention from their future appearance. According to the brands’ research report, 80% of the test subjects showed minor breakouts in just one week, while the 100% showed even fewer breakouts in the three months’ time frame.

My personal experience with the Neutrogena anti-acne light therapy is great, as I used it for about 2 month now and I can already see the amazing transformation of the skin texture. The regular application of this mask did the fantastic job for my skin for it not only reduced the inflammation, acne spots but gave a glowing complexion without any irritating chemicals and oil and I can finally find my skin under control.

If you have to deal with adult acne and want an amazing transformation of your skin as well you can order your mask here .