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Barry's Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp – What’s the Hype all about?

Is cutting down calories and getting in shape one of your new year resolutions? Losing weight and getting fit is one of those cult resolutions almost everybody makes as the New Year begins. But the thing is, dropping extra pounds is not something you can achieve overnight. This is something that requires consistent efforts, dedication and proper guidance of a nutritionist or a diet expert. You simply cannot download a random diet plan from the internet or pick up a workout CD from Walmart with best ratings and follow it blindly, you need something that is going to push you towards achieving your goals in full potential – something a bit more substantial, something like Barry's Bootcamp.

What is Barry’s Bootcamp?

Barry’s Bootcamp is nothing new for fitness freaks, it has now become a global phenomenon. If you are someone who struggles with sticking to a fitness plan for a long term, this is something you need to try. Barry’s bootcamp actually make you fall in love with the idea of working out and staying fit. The scenario and environment they create for their workout sessions actually trick your mind into thinking you are being part of a fun physical activity. They are completely different than some of those famous workout instructors and plans who make you feel almost like if you are punishing your body in the name of ‘tough love’. Barry's bills its workouts as the best in the world and claims you can burn up to 1000 calories per class. I got addicted to Barry's and besides boxing, yes it is the hardest workout in the world.

One class in New York costs $36.

Should A Beginner Join Barry’s Bootcamp?

There is nothing to fear. Well, maybe your first time on the treadmill...Just kidding. Sort of.

Bootcamp may sound scary for someone who is actually a beginner or someone who enjoys being a sloth or couch potato and really hates working out. However, Barry’s is designed in a way that even beginners can join and no, the sessions will not scare the heck out of you. You will work on a different body section in each session, so it will never be boring or monotonous. Each day at Barry's focuses on a different muscle group. The programming carefully pairs opposing muscle groups to ensure your body has the perfect balanced workout, and proper time for recovery. In fact if Barry’s Bootcamp can actually train and motivate the beginners to continue working out even when the bootcamp is over to maintain the weight loss, physical fitness and a healthier and peaceful mind and soul.

Thank you Matt for kicking our butts

What Makes Barry’s Bootcamp Different?

Barry’s Bootcamp is famous across the globe for its signature red lights and loud blaring music during the workout sessions. They usually provide earplugs for those who do not like very loud music but the thing is music with the lights together brings in so much more energy to the exercise floor. The instructors are super resourceful and have excellent motivating skills. They just never let you give up on yourself and your body. At Barry’s, they do not believe on ‘body envy’; they rather believe in making your body the best it ever can be. These traits are what makes them different than all other bootcamps in the world.

The workouts at Barry’s bootcamps are HIT, high intensity workouts. Each workout session consists of 60 minutes; high intensity cardio is done on the treadmill and combined with strength training. This combination is proven to work for weight loss while toning the body. It also guarantees that you only lose body fat during cardio session and not lean muscles. Barry’s also incorporates body exercises that speed up your metabolism rate, this way your body burns fat when you are not even working out.

Barry's Fuel Bar:

Your work out is only as effective as your nutrition!

Barry's boasts a fuel bar where bootcampers can pick up a healthy (and mind-blowingly delicious) post- workout protein shake to maximize their efforts in the gym. I always go there to get my smoothie, even when I'm not taking a class. ACAI Berry is one of my favorites.

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